Message to Appraisers

     I have been providing appraisals for clients for over ten years in conjunction with my gallery. In the beginning, we provided the appraisals more as a service than as an income-generating activity. With the recent downturn in art sales, appraisals have become a significant part of our income, and we sought ways to increasing our appraisal marketing.
     Placing an ad in the yellow pages was not a viable alternative because my our would get lost in the sea of real estate appraisers, under the section of "appraisers," and most phone directories don't even include a section on "art appraisals" or "art appraisers."
     Even if they did, most people today utilize the Internet for seeking information, and it is very difficult to achieve high visibility for an individual gallery or art appraiser. In fact when I googled "Art Appraisers" New York City, not a single gallery or professional art appraiser appeared in the first twelve pages. I thought how frustrating that must be for individuals seeking the services of an art appraiser.
     All of the factors inspired the idea that there was a need for a site to help people locate an art appraiser in their area. This has led to the development of The success of the site will depend on the search engine ranking the site receives, and that in turn depends on our success in recruiting others to link to the site.
     If you are reading this, you have a visual understanding of the site. It is clean and easy to use. As an incentive for appraisers to become involved, priority to the city listing will be in order of participation-- not in alphabetical order. Thus, if the first appraiser who participates in Atlanta is named "Zwinck," then that will be the first appraiser listed under Georgia-Atlanta.
   If you provide art appraising services, is a very inexpensive form of marketing, and I believe will provide an effective tool for generating appraisal clients.
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The Best,
RL Foster

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